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Robert Read Snooker, Billiards & Pool Table Specialist

I started playing snooker at a young age and made my first century at 15. I won my first Huddersfield Snooker Championship in 1990 and was capped for Yorkshire U19’s where I played in the final v London counties whose team at the time was Chris Scanlon, Peter Ebdon, Mark King and Ronnie O’Sullivan. In 1999 / 2000 I won the National CIU Championship and later that year entered the Challenge Tour where I competed for two years.

My career as a snooker table fitter started in 1988 and progressed from there. In April 2010 I decided to go self-employed and haven’t looked back since. I’ve worked for the Paul Hunter Foundation installing tables into Schools and Community Centres as well as installing Star Tables sold by World Snooker once the snooker tour has finished. I now fit tables for a number of professionals as well as in clubs, pubs, private houses and snooker centres.

When I’m not fitting tables, I still enjoy playing snooker locally and more recently in the Paul Hunter Classic in Germany, where in 2016 I lost to Xiao Guodong and in 2017 to Tom Ford.

I thought I’d share a few photos & write-ups on this page. The first few are from when I was fortunate enough to win the Sports Personality of the Year in the Huddersfield Examiner Community Awards going all the way back to 2011! As you’ll see below, I didn’t believe it at first! Anyway, here’s the article:
To set an historic sports record that is unlikely to be ever beaten is a remarkable achievement, but to do it when you’re still only 40 is absolutely outstanding which is why Robert Read won this category. 

Robert made history last month when he officially became Huddersfield’s most successful snooker player. 

He passed the previous record of 12 titles when he beat Trevor Liversidge in the town’s Open Snooker Championship. 

He won his 13th title on Friday, May 13, so he certainly isn’t superstitious and it’s a record that is unlikely ever to be beaten. Now it looks like he may give his rivals a chance – for a short while at least. 

I might take a year off now,’’ he said. “I want to spend a bit more time with my lads, Oliver and Jake as they both want to start playing snooker.” 

Robert found out about his nomination after receiving a call at work from reporter Barry Gibson.  

My colleague had just gone outside and I thought he was pulling my leg. I didn’t realise I had really been nominated,” said Robert. 

Robert started playing snooker when he was just three years old on a six-foot table bought for him by his parents. 

I practice two hours a day when I’ve got a big match ahead. The lads love all sports, but it looks like I’ll have to take some time out now they want to follow in my footsteps,” he added. 

About Robert Read Huddersfield Examiner Sports Personality of the Year 2011
About Robert Read Huddersfield Examiner Sports Personality of the Year 2011

The next few photos are from the 2018 Paul Hunter Classic

About Robert Read 2018 Paul Hunter Classic
About Robert Read 2018 Paul Hunter Classic
About Robert Read 2018 Paul Hunter Classic

And a few more… me at the 2017 Paul Hunter Classic & after winning the Graham Rogers Memorial Trophy in aid of Kirkwood Hospice

About Robert Read 2017 Paul Hunter Classic

2017 Paul Hunter Classic

About Robert Read 2017 Paul Hunter Classic

Graham Rogers Memorial Trophy



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